To us Certification is not just a piece of paper, it is a core value of our business.


Our primary design standard upon which our designs are based and certified to is IECEx which is generally accepted as the base for most countries. Explosion proof testing to IEC standards is generally carried out at an approved facility in the UK. We support customers who require our products to be flexible and certified for use in a wide range of countries by obtaining multi-certification for example ATEX, IEC and MSHA although others may also be added.


Where a product is required to be certified for operation in Europe, ATEX certificates are obtained, in addition all our products are produced to be CE compliant.

Australia & New Zealand

We have many products certified by both the European and Australian IEC and also approvals to ANZEx for use in Australia and New Zealand. For any machines not already approved we are happy to go through the certification process if needed.

USA & Central America

A number of our products are designed to be certifiable in both the USA and by IEC allowing a single design to be covered for use globally. We are familiar with the specific requirements and specifications of MSHA.

Russia, Belarus & Kazakhstan

Many of our product families are certified to the latest GOST-CUTR (and previously GOST-R) standards and we have experience in obtaining these certificates for new designs.


A number of our motors have type approval under MA for use in China and for any of those which are not already covered, we are aware of the requirements for MA certification and are happy to obtain this where needed.


We are conversant with the requirements of DGMS for flameproof applications in India and we are currently in the process of certifying a number of motors for use in India.


For applications in Canada, we have experience in obtaining CSA approval for flameproof machines and also UL approval for industrial machines.

South Africa

We have experience obtaining SANS certification for flameproof machines to be used in South Africa.